The Salmonberry Trail Foundation visited the newly restored U.S. Coast Guard Boathouse in Garibaldi, Oregon in early March This destination is an amazing experience that encompasses so many elements Salmonberry hopes to achieve: historical preservation, community development, and rich experiences for those visiting the coast. Here is some information from the volunteer community who care for this unique resource.

In 2015, the Garibaldi Cultural Heritage Initiative, a non-profit organization, was established to help preserve and reimagine this vital tourism landmark on the Oregon Coast.

Built in 1936, this original Coast Guard lifeboat saving station served the Tillamook Bay area until the early 60s when it was decommissioned. The last structure of its kind, with a pier extending 760 feet and sitting on over 100 pilings, this unique cultural resource, and maritime heritage asset has endured the rugged test of the environment and hard coastal conditions.

Officially closed in 2012, the Garibaldi Cultural Heritage Initiative, led by a Board and group of dedicated volunteers have been refurbishing this space and converting it into a living and breathing cultural center. The structure was reopened to the public in 2018 as has drawn in excess of 3,000 visitors who marvel at the “Living Boathouse” Exhibition, vividly drawn local heritage stories and a diverse range of events from fish printing workshops to live music and kayak-building workshops. Besides being an iconic landmark, it is also the #1 crabbing and clamming destination in Tillamook County.

Today, the Boathouse serves to preserve the past and create a vision for the future for locals and tourists alike. It has been supported with grants for repairs and refurbishments, marketing to help promote its unique programming, and private donations and admission fees to support it many cultural and recreational events. Continued repairs and preservation work in on-going. 

The Boathouse will be open to the public May 24, 2019, with a defining new installation, “My_stories: Beautiful Mysteries of Tillamook Bay” which will inspire visitors with compelling stories and experiences to engage them and encourage them to explore the many cultural assets in the Garibaldi and surrounding area.

The Boathouse is located at 1209 Bay Lane, Garibaldi, Oregon 97118. Boathouse Hours are Friday-Sunday, 12 p.m.-4 p.m. Admission is $5 per person (kids under 12 are free). #savetheboathouse.

For more information about the Garibaldi Cultural Heritage Initiative or the Historic U.S. Coast Boathouse, or to donate online, visit our website at and follow us on Facebook.