Volunteer In The Woods

Volunteer In The Woods

Yes! We know how excited you are for this trail and have heard from so many of you on how you want to help physically bring this idea to life. While the future Salmonberry Trail has yet to break ground, there are plenty of ways to develop your trail skills in the meantime and connect to the communities surrounding the trail.

With the Oregon Department of Forestry, SOLVE, and the Trailkeepers of Oregon there are so many opportunities this year to get your hands dirty.

Just last April, Forest Grove District’s 2018 SOLVE Day Clean-up was a resounding success.  

Clubs and Organizations Represented were:

  • Oregon Equestrian Trails
  • Gitout.com (4x4 club)
  • Trucks in Tight Spots Off-Road (4x4 club)
  • Cascade Cruisers (4x4 club)
  • Friends of Wayne Naillon
  • Ride Revival
  • Jolly Jeepers (4x4 club)
  • Tillamook State Forest Trail Patrol
  • Boy Scout Troop 557

Site partners included:

  • SWATCO Sanitary, Inc of Banks who donated the dumpsters and the hauling services.  (This business has been supporting our SOLVE project since 1996.)
  • ODOT who provided the staging area for the dumpsters and volunteer registration.