New Communications and Outreach Director builds engagement with the Salmonberry Trail

New Communications and Outreach Director builds engagement with the Salmonberry Trail


Alana Kambury has joined the Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust and Salmonberry Trail team as Communications and Outreach Director to help organize and lead communications, partnerships, events, and fundraising for the Trust's work, including the Salmonberry Trail.

Raised in Portland and Ashland, Oregon, Alana grew up working in the outdoor community as a climbing instructor and coach, escaping on the weekends to the Columbia Gorge or Smith Rocks. She has been a committed bike commuter for the past 12 years in Oregon and understands what the dream of the Salmonberry Trail holds for both local communities and visitors from afar.

Ross Holloway, Executive Director of the Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust is excited about what Alana brings to the team.

“Alana brings a unique combination of business experience, combined with her love for Oregon’s outdoor places, which makes her a great addition to the Salmonberry team,” said Holloway.

Alana earned her BS in Environmental Studies from PSU and her MBA in Sustainability from Pinchot University, with a wide spectrum of work experience from the public sector at the Portland Water Bureau to the private sector as Co-owner of Starvation Alley Cranberry Farms.

Known for being a chronic connector, Alana believes communities thrive when diverse stakeholders are involved and when long-term vision meets immediate values.

She wants to know how you think you can get involved, what questions you have, what opportunities you see for the Salmonberry Trail Project, and how you're planning your first trip out there once the trail is completed. Feel free to contact her at any time at