Thanks Donors! Salmonberry Trail needs your help


Even though we’re still several years away from major trail construction, there’s plenty of work to do to get ready: trail segment planning, engineering assessments, hazardous material surveys, public involvement, local input and advisory committees, marketing plans, economic and health benefit studies, permitting, and what feels like a million other things to think about and prepare for. We’ve been busy raising capacity funds to assist with this work, and we need your help.

To date, Salmonberry Trail partners—which includes the Salmonberry Trail Intergovernmental Agency (STIA) and the non-profit Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust—have raised $2 million, with an additional $800,000 pledged to the project by Cycle Oregon.

Here’s a list of project donors and contributing organizations so far; check out those who have helped us get this far. We’d like you to join this growing list with a capacity gift to help get the homework done and get ready for trail construction. You can make a gift on-line, or contact Development Director Doug Decker at to discuss other options and ideas.

A full capital campaign and major gifts effort to support trail construction is in development and being guided by an experienced group of advisors and supporters.

We thank these new donors and contributing organizations that have contributed to the Salmonberry Trail Fund since the March newsletter:

  • David Klick
  • Victoria Fellingham
  • Tina Swenson
  • John Morey
  • Alan Love