Environmental Clean-up Assessment And Inventory Nearing Completion


Three years of inventory and analysis are coming to a close for the environmental/planning contractor hired by Tillamook County examining possible hazardous material sites along 62 miles of the Port of Tillamook Bay (POTB) railroad that could eventually become part of the proposed Salmonberry Trail. The assessment work, funded by a three-year Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “brownfields” grant, has involved a comprehensive corridor study, site inventory and ranking for approximately 30 individual sites, and four on-site investigations involving soil and groundwater testing.

For the railroad corridor sites, no major concerns were identified beyond what might be expected with creosoted railroad ties, scrap metal and associated debris.

The brownfields project heavily utilized Geographic Information System (GIS), or digital mapping, throughout the project to efficiently collect, analyze, and communicate project information. Web-based maps provided the project team and the public with a platform for viewing potential brownfield locations and providing input on sites not identified through traditional database searches. Public engagement was a key component along every step of the brownfields project, and included establishing a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) made up of community citizens, leaders and representatives.  A project open house, held in September 2016 at the Twin Rocks Friends Camp, included booths and presentations by many of the project partners and was well-attended by the public and community representatives. 

Clean-up planning efforts for the POTB railroad corridor are currently underway, including the evaluation of clean up alternatives and preparation of a contaminated media management plan (CMMP), which can be used to guide future construction and materials management during development of the Salmonberry Trail.  

More information on the inventory including a look at maps and the ranked spreadsheet of inventoried sites is available here.