Planning for Salmonberry Trail Valley Segment Begins

Planning for Salmonberry Trail Valley Segment Begins

Detailed planning for the valley segment of the future Salmonberry Trail—located between Banks and Reehers Camp Campground in the Tillamook State Forest—is about to begin, thanks to a significant grant from the Washington County Visitors Association.

The scope of planning includes the following:

  • Analysis of bypass alternatives described in the Concept Plan;
  • Pre-engineering assessment of eleven bridges and trestles;
  • Detailed assessment of repair needs for Walcott Tunnel;
  • Assessment and recommendations for trailhead development at Banks, Manning, the Timber area, and Reehers Camp;
  • Development of trail solutions and design recommendations for the entire 20 mile rail corridor from the city of Banks to Reehers Camp in the Tillamook State Forest;
  • Recommendations for accommodating equestrian use;
  • Development of detailed cost estimates including permitting, design and engineering and construction cost for trail and bridge modifications.
  • Multiple workshops to listen to concerns and ideas from landowners.

Parametrix, a national planning and engineering firm, was selected to lead the latest Salmonberry Trail planning effort. The firm’s “foot-by-foot” comprehensive field reconnaissance approach was one of the factors that led to their proposal winning out in the competitive request for proposal process. Parametrix also completed the recent Salmonberry Trail Coast Segment Planning Study using that same approach to field work, essentially walking the entire corridor and using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and cell phone technology to record the entire route.

A Valley Segment Advisory Committee will be established to engage with the planning process. Mike Cafferata, Oregon Department of Forestry Forest Grove District Forester, Carolyn McCormick, President Washington County Visitors Association and Dyami Valentine, Washington County Senior Planner will be the Salmonberry Trail Intergovernmental Agency (STIA) conveners for the advisory committee. Committee members will be selected by the conveners to represent a mix of local leaders, landowners, hiking/biking/equestrian advocates, visitor associations and others. This broad constituency of stakeholders will discuss and advise the conveners about local issues and concerns as the planning process moves forward.

Project managers anticipate about a 10-month planning schedule for completion of the Valley Segment Master Plan. This planning effort will lay the groundwork for construction of the first key segment of 80-mile long Salmonberry Trail.

For more information, contact Dennis Wiley, Salmonberry Trail Project Manager, at 503-986-0723 or