City of Tillamook Prepares for Salmonberry Trail Connections

City of Tillamook Prepares for Salmonberry Trail Connections

If you’ve been through Tillamook lately, you’ve surely noticed the construction project near the intersection of Highways 6 and 101. It’s a major effort to upgrade a complicated intersection that was never designed to carry the traffic loads it currently does. Read more about the project at its website.

In the midst of the $36 million construction project is a trail segment that will connect Tillamook to an eventual alignment of the Salmonberry Trail. The mile-plus paved multi-use trail—set for construction this summer—will utilize an old east-west railroad spur that ran along the south bank of Hoquarton Slough connecting Goodspeed Park east of downtown with the developing Hoquarton waterfront core area. Construction of the Highway 101 / Highway 6 traffic improvement project, and particularly the new Hoquarton bridge and a mini day-use-like area on the northeast side of the bridge just south of the waterway, will provide direct connections to the new trail segment.

Tillamook City Manager Paul Wyntergreen foreshadows a local renaissance on the banks of Tillamook’s Hoquarton waterfront area, which is where town first started in the 1860s, featuring a blend of retail, heritage, cultural activities and mixed-use transportation including bikes, pedestrians and kayak access. The trail connections tie everything together.

“This is going to be a perfect path for residents and visitors to get downtown without getting in a car,” Wyntergreen said. “We started realizing this could also be a great connector to the future Salmonberry Trail.” 

Future trails and sidewalk improvements will connect to other areas of town, with the Hoquarton area as a gateway to downtown activity, nearby neighborhoods and the surrounding natural landscapes to the north and east via the Salmonberry Trail. 

The connector trail—which is still unnamed—should be done by next summer and the full traffic improvement project is slated to be completed by next fall.