Key Milestones to Date

Fall 2011 – The Port of Tillamook Bay approached the state and Cycle Oregon with a request to help explore a vision for creating a trail within the corridor of the former Pacific Railway and Navigation Company line from Tillamook to Banks.  In response to this request, the Salmonberry Coalition was formed.  Initial coalition members included:  ODF, OPRD, POTB, Tillamook County, ODFW, the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, Cycle Oregon, State Senator Betsy Johnson, and the North Coast Regional Solutions Team.

Fall 2012 - A Memorandum of Agreement was signed between ODF, OPRD, Tillamook County, Port of Tillamook Bay, and Cycle Oregon, with contributions of funding ($200,000) to support initial study and planning efforts for the project. 

Winter 2012/13 - Walker-Macy was retained to conduct the initial feasibility study for the project, which was completed in March of 2013.  The feasibility study served as a very rapid assessment of the history, current conditions, and future challenges and opportunities associated with a trail connecting the valley to the coast, and to serve as a guidepost for the Coalition to identify fatal flaws, potential alternatives, and next step considerations.  Based on this initial work, Walker-Macy was retained to lead the next step, development of a concept plan for trail development.

Fall 2013 – Winter 2014/15 – The concept plan for the project was developed through a public process that included a series of meetings in the Banks and Tillamook areas.  The final concept plan was approved in early 2015.

Fall 2013 – The Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust joins the Salmonberry Coalition, agreeing to serve as the non-profit partner to facilitate fundraising efforts for the project.  Representatives of Cycle Oregon, Tillamook County and the Port of Tillamook Bay, and Senator Betsy Johnson, join the Board of Trustees for the TFHT.

February 2014 – Senate Bill 1516 is signed into law, providing the following direction… “The State Parks and Recreation Department and the State Forestry Department shall, in cooperation with other interested state agencies, local governments, nonprofit organizations and other stakeholders, develop a plan to construct a trail along or adjacent to the portion of the former Pacific Railway and Navigation Company line between Banks and Tillamook, to be known as the Salmonberry Trail.”

2014-15 – The Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust retained the Metropolitan Group of Portland, to complete and fundraising feasibility study for the project, and prepare a capital campaign plan.

2015 – Governor Kate Brown designates the Salmonberry Trail governance determination process an Oregon Solutions project, and designates State Forester Doug Decker and OPRD Director Lisa Sumption as Co-Conveners of the effort.  As an outgrowth of the Oregon Solutions work, the Salmonberry Trail Intergovernmental Agency is formed by ODF, OPRD, POTB and Tillamook County (an ORS 190 entity).  Eight additional governmental, nonprofit and tribal entities and officials agree to participate as ex-officio members.

June, 2015 – OPRD, ODF, Tillamook County and the Washington County Visitors Association (representing Washington County) entered into a cooperative agreement to provide two years of funding for the establishment of a Project Coordinator position at OPRD.  The position is now filled (Dennis Wiley) and actively working on the project.

2015 - 2017 – Local Code Adoption Project ($124,000) - The Salmonberry Trail local code adoption project was funded by a grant from the Oregon Transportation and Growth Management (TGM) Program. The POTB managed the code project on behalf of the two agencies, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation Development (DLCD), and contracted with DKS and Parametrix to conduct this effort. Necessary amendments to local land use and other plans that will facilitate trail development were identified and recommended to local governments in Tillamook County. Most local plan amendments have been completed and the remainder is pending.

2016 - 2017 – Supplemental Planning in Coastal Segment ($100,000) – Tillamook County Transient Lodging Tax Facilities program funded critical supplemental planning where zoning or ecosystem amendments needed to be considered. This supplemental planning accomplished more detailed planning along this segment, identifying trail location options for rail-with-trail and rail-to-trail alternatives, and associated costs. A Coastal Segment Advisory Committee was convened to support this effort and remains in place as a forum for input. POTB Board member Jack Mulder, Co-Chaired the committee, and OCSR participated as a committee member.

March - September 2017 – SbT Strategic Marketing Plan –Produced by HUEN LLC (Cody Barnickel and Rebecca Huston). Partially funded through a $25,000 Travel Oregon matching grant.

December 2017 – The process with the federal Surface Transportation Board to railbank the SbT corridor was completed.

February 2018 – Added Communications Director to the Salmonberry team (Alana Kambury).

April 2018 – A lease agreement between the Port of Tillamook Bay and the Salmonberry Trail Intergovernmental Agency was completed and signed.

July 2018 – SbT Valley Segment Master Plan Completed – Public process conducted by OPRD and Parametrix, with input from a public advisory committee. Developed detailed route and cost information for trail from Banks to Reehers Camp in the Tillamook State Forest. Funded with grants from Washington County Visitors Association ($150,000) and the Rails to Trails Conservancy.

August 2018 – SbT Economic and Health Benefits Study Completed - Developed by PSU Center for Public Service. Draft final report reviewed with STIA at April Board meeting, and a revised draft at the June Board meeting. Funded through a grant from the Rails to Trails Conservancy.

October 2018 – Cycle Oregon’s 1st Annual Gravel Ride: Collaborated with Cycle Oregon, participating in their inaugural Gravel Ride in the Tillamook Forest, which featured the future Salmonberry Trail’s Reliance Trestle.


May 2019 – Opening of Salmonberry Trail's first 1/2 Mile: The Hoquarton Trail in the City of Tillamook’s, the western-most end of the future Salmonberry Trail.

Sprint 2019 – Formally registered the Salmonberry Trail Foundation in the state of Oregon. IRS Application 1023 Complete - waiting for review.