Q. What is the Salmonberry Trail?
 The Salmonberry Trail is a vision created by Oregonians to connect the Willamette Valley with the Coast. Planned on spanning 84 miles from Banks to Tillamook Oregon, along the historic railroad Pacific Navigation & Co., it would provide pedestrian, cycling, and equestrian recreation and transportation.

The Salmonberry Trail is organized into three sections going west to east: The Coast, The Canyon, and The Valley

Q. When is the trail going to open?
A. The first half mile of the trail is now open in Tillamook!

We are still in the planning stages for trail development. The trail will probably be developed in small increments. Please Note: parts of the line are actively used by trains, and the portions that have been storm-damaged are too dangerous for public access. We know there's lots of interest in getting out into this historic passage over the Coast Range, and we're working on it. But what's out there now is not ready--nor is it safe or legal--for public access.

The three sections of the Salmonberry are being planned right now.

Sections of the trail will be completed in different phases, so subscribed to the newsletter, and keep up to date on facebook to learn about the progress on use agreements, funding, community development, and trail construction.

Q. How can I get involved?
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Visit: 2019 Trail Crew Parties w/ Tillamook State Forest and Trailkeepers of Oregon Events


Q. Who is leading the project?
STIA and the Salmonberry Trail Foundation

Q. What has happened so far?
Timelines are worthwhile, especially with a project as ambitious as this. Keep up to date on the Project Planning here.

Q. What is “the lease agreement” between POTB and STIA
Great question! Read all about the lease and the process here.

Q. What is the status of the rail line?
The line has been rail-banked, which is a federal status, recognizing the local decisions to be shared between POTB and STIA. Here is more information on what is rail-banking from our friends Rails to Trails Conservancy.


Q. What is the history of the original railroad, The Pacific Railroad Navigation & Co.?
. Also known as The Punk Rotten & Nasty, the rail line between Tillamook and Banks Oregon has a rich history that is best captured in Paul Clock’s Punk Rotten & Nasty The Saga of the Pacific Railway & Navigation Co which is a collectors item, so cherish it if you get your hands on a copy.

You can also read some of the historical accounts we’ve captured in the History Spotlight section of our newsletter here.


Q. Current Partners: Who are they?

The Salmonberry Trail Intergovernmental Agency (STIA) was formed in 2015 as a governance structure to guide development of the project. This new intergovernmental partnership of 11 agencies and leaders includes the Oregon Department of Forestry, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, Tillamook County, the Port of Tillamook Bay, Washington County; the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde; the non-profit Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust; the Washington County Visitors Association; Senator Betsy Johnson from Senate District 16; Representative Debbie Boone from House District 32; and the Governor’s Regional Solutions Team North Coast Coordinator.

STIA’s primary role is to plan the development and maintenance of this multi-use trail. While much of its first year of work involved establishing the organization, STIA has launched a number of significant projects, including development of a master plan for the Coastal segment of the trail and, efforts to develop an agreement with the Port of Tillamook Bay to rail bank the right-of-way and allowing for development of a recreational trail. While STIA is focused on trail planning and maintenance, its non-profit partner Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust is focused on raising funds and support for the project. Together STIA and the Trust are being joined and supported by a growing list of individuals and organizations interested in making the Salmonberry Trail a reality.

STIA board meetings are open to the public. The STIA meets every other month. For more information about STIA, contact Dennis Wiley, Salmonberry Trail Project Manager, at or by phone at 503-986-0723.